Gruda Hair: A Reliable Business Hair In Vietnam, Gaining A Globally High Position.

Gruda Hair: A Reliable Business Hair In Vietnam, Gaining A Globally High Position.

Gruda Hair is one the leading manufacturers of the raw weft and hair extensions in Vietnam. Having more than 10 years of entering into the hair industry, Gruda Hair is a reliable partner, supplier and friend of countless customers and other wholesale hair resellers. It is established to provide the best natural hair for those who need, that can beautify people’s look, enhance their confidence, and diversify their hairstyles.


There are many times hearing a common quote: “Hair does not make a woman, but good hair definitely helps” or “You can’t get dressed without good hair”. People regard hair as a precious asset. However, unfortunately, a large number of people have suffered from hair-related diseases due to internal and external factors. There is a rising issue for them is how to find a reliable hair company to buy hair extensions. 


These days, people have a wide range of choices for people to consider everyday. However, this can easily make them overwhelmed because they simply do not know which options they should choose. People in the modern world are also likely to become skeptical as the fake or low-quality products are massively manufactured on a daily basis. They are afraid of being scammed, cheated or undergoing terrible buying experiences. Consequently, during the buying journey, they have a tendency to be meticulous to choose when standing in front of various products. 



Among a variety of selections, Gruda Hair is actually the best option that must be considered. Gruda Hair is a hair distributor in the world, located in Vietnam. It is one of the most reliable hair suppliers, providing 100% human hair extensions. Its market is incredibly diverse, ranging from Asian, European to African countries. The post, today, will explore what makes Gruda Hair rank at a high position in the hair field on a global scale. 


Having more than 10 years in the hair industry is the first proof to guarantee Gruda Hair is a trustworthy hair manufacturer. Since the establishment in 2008, it suffers from many barriers, challenges but gains many opportunities to thrive. Henry, CEO & Founder of Gruda Hair, expresses that “I appreciate all barriers and challenges because nothing is easy, nothing is free. Obstacles and hardship makes Gruda become stronger. The difficult time gives us a chance to reflect on itself”. With a large amount of time to understand products and insights’ products, Gruda Hair can provide a wealth of products with countless hairstyles, colors and prices. Gruda’s products are diverse in order to make sure it can live up to clients’ expectations and standards. Every customer has a different taste and demand, so the effort to create diversity of products has been made year by year. Gruda Hair considers it as a vital element deciding the success of the company. Moreover, having many years of researching and surveying, it is confident to have a deep insight into clients’ desire, pain point and needs. For instance, the demands on buying hair extensions of African customers are different from those living in European nations. African people prefer hair wefts, hair bundles while European people are keen on clip-in, tape-in, micro-link hair extensions. Actually, there are also additional insights regarding weather, characteristics of those nations, personalities of clients upon different countries affecting the buying journey. All of those things are taken notice by Gruda Hair. From this, Gruda can develop plans and strategies to get access to customers in each period. 


Secondly, the reliability of Gruda Hair is also displayed by the fact that Gruda Hair is a partner of many sides in terms of hair retailer and wholesale hair seller. Over the years, Gruda Hair has established a worldwide business network with the participation of many countries and continents such as the U.S-U.K, Nigeria, France, Germany… Besides, Gruda Hair is a trustworthy long-term partner of many big hair businesses such as Dream Hair World, Waltino Hair, Mscoco Hair, ONYC Hair, UCEE Collections… Having a close relationship with those sides is really an important landmark for the growth of Gruda Hair. It also proves the potential, capacity and vision of it. In the present and in the less distant future, Gruda Hair is focusing on expanding its market to reach more nations and clients. 


The third factor is that Gruda Hair has a specific strategy and ambitious goal in the future. It sets a goal to reach more customers from diverse nations, to fully meet their requirements, grow and nurture social sites to advertise products. Thanks to a specific aim, Gruda Hair is making an enormous attempt to complete it day by day. Keeping it in mind, Gruda always takes proper actions to attach to dreams. With a whole staff working towards the common long-term, the company is growing gradually thanks to joint endeavor. In the long run, Gruda Hair aims to greatly expand the workforces and scale of companies. Currently, it applies the development of the Internet and several prevalent social sites to effectively advertise its hair extensions on a global scale. Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are still primary sites. The next target is TikTok and Youtube. It is because Gruda acknowledges that beauty products shown via video gain more trust from customers as well as attract more. Contents created by a form of video are more effective to lure client’s attention around the world. 


Last but not least, the reliability of Gruda Hair is also proved via the way it responds to customers. Before delivering products to customers, it always makes a video call with them to check the quality of products. Customer service is a top priority in Gruda Hair. Its sales team is available 24/7 to support customers when needed. This hair supplier always tries to reply to clients as soon as possible when they leave comments and feedback. One of the working principles of it is open to negative reviews because this is an optimal way to improve. When customers are dissatisfied with products, Gruda Hair would remake and resend them, the shipping fees in 2 times are paid by Gruda Hair. With a professional attitude in working, Gruda Hair gradually has affirmed its position in the global market as well as gained trust of consumers and trade partners. 


In conclusion, during the development process, there are many elements proving Gruda Hair is an extremely reliable hair distributor. Among those, there are 4 primary factors: long time working in this field, a trustworthy partner of numerous sides, a specific goal to reach and positive response to customers. To date, Gruda Hair is working on their way to achieve dreams as well as together build a bright future with clients. Its ultimate aim is to provide top-notch quality hair extensions for clients and bring wonderful experience to them. 


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